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    • Daniela 08/06/2015

      nós passeamos tantas vezes no meio desses campos… ja vi algumas cobras atropeladas desde mini a médias, mas no sabado o joao viu uma cobra segundo ele “grande”…. claro que a mais aterrorizada era eu, a mafi estava mais a brincar. 🙂

  1. mirari 09/06/2015

    such a lovely fearful face… it’s different from other weeks, always so independent, and here she’s with her puppy, maybe with fear but anyways exploring! linda mafalda!

    • Daniela 09/06/2015

      she has many faces, but she is also very theatrical 🙂 and you know, she was making so much fun of me during the weekend because i am the one who is really afraid of snakes (and spiders, and and and…)

      • mirari 10/06/2015

        it usually happens that the one who fears the most’s the mother… that’s the same way here 😉

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