Mais uma semana que passou tão depressa. Estamos em Outubro, mas esta foto ainda é do último fim de semana de Setembro. Os nossos fins de semana calmos ….

Estás linda na semana 40 como em todas as outras. Adoro-te, temos conversas hilariantes. És uma pessoa “grande”, mas tens apenas 4 anos. Agora 5. É assim que te vejo.

“Tu não mandas em mim”, dizes. E eu sei que não.

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      • Daniela 03/10/2014

        i also think so, it’s only hard sometimes in daily life!
        because i would like to say “do this, do that” but it doesnt work exactly that way 😉

      • mirari 03/10/2014

        in general, i think parents don’t pay special attention to their children’s desires, and it could be the first step to an alienated adult, making all that the society tell them to be/make/do. that’s why it’s necessary to let them take their decissions in the day-a-day (not the dangerous ones, of course, but the most simple)

      • Daniela 03/10/2014

        completely agree with you! it will be the most important thing for the future not to do everything someone tells you to. i think about that so often. all skills you will need are a little bit opposite to conventional education. mostly, be creative, follow YOUR ideas, take decisions, be happy etc…

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